Who is F R E E T O W N?

We are a company of creators - artists, authors, writers, and producers - led by me, Melissa Spillman, in Nashville, TN. Click on the roster tab for detailed info on our creators!

Where did you get the name F R E E T O W N?

If you know me, you know my love for a tiny country named Sierra Leone in West Africa. The capitol city is Freetown, named for its designation as a place of liberty and new life for freed slaves in the 1700's and 1800's. Three of my four sons are from Sierra Leone, and we first met them in Freetown.

Freetown implies freedom, newness and perseverance - three things that I aspire to make evident in how we partner with creators.

Freetown sounds amazing.  I'd like to go.

I would highly recommend visiting the beautiful country of Sierra Leone and its people! You can learn more about an incredible organization called The Raining Season by clicking here. They rescue, empower and restore children in need, and they are literally saving lives by the hundreds. TRS also facilitates monthly mission trips to Freetown with travelers from all over the US! Wanna know more? Visit their website or contact me!